B2 HNC 6.1 5.25 Inch 100 RMS Component Set

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Enter the era of perfection, performance & prestige.

Handpicked and matched branded crossover components were chosen for the HNC5.1 (5.25″) / HNC6.1 (6.5″) crossovers,
such as air core inductors and high grade polypropylene capacitors, mounted onto a custom designed pcb.
The results are optimized audio reproduction without interference of coloring the sound. In addition the accuracy of the 3.5 KHz /12 dB crossover point will appear more natural and balanced, while handling a cleaner slope of both high – & low pass of the midwoofers & the 1″ silk dome tweeters with angular direction.
The midwoofers were derived from the Reference series, using only premium parts such as nomex spiders and lightweight butylene surrounds for longetivity and efficiency, while the coated paper cone was chosen for its superior SQ performance.

All parts are mounted onto a cast aluminum basket, which offers both great ventilation and adequate excursion for the 1″ copper voice coil. A plus is that the basket comes with multiple mounting holes, making it a whole lot easier to adapt to specific vehicles. If it is not a reference series, it is as close as it gets with fitment for both 5.25″ and 6.5″ cutouts.

Frequency Response:                                 45 Hz ~ 20 KHz                          
Sensitivity:                                                    90.2 dB
Nominal Impedance:                                  4 ohm
DC Resistance (Re):                                     3.3 ohm
Resonanse Frequency (Fs):                        60 Hz
Vas:                                                                 11 L
Qts:                                                                 0.74
Voice Coil diameter:                                   1.5"
Power Handling:                                          100 w


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