B2 Audio HN10P 300 RMS Full Range Pair

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When too much is just about right the HN components are engineered to match up with any daily driver or the loudest demo rides.
Using only premium materials like flatwound voice coils for midranges and sound optimized diaphragms for tweeters, you will never be in lack frequency responses when paired up with subwoofers


Specifications: HN10P
Frequency Response: 80 Hz ~ 6 KHz
Sensitivity: 99.6 dB
Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm
DC Resistance (RE): 3.6 Ohm
Resonance Frequency (FS): 90 Hz
Power Handling: 300 Watts
QES: 0.42
QTS:  0.39
VAS: 10.6 L
Voice Coil Diameter: 2″
Recommended cut off:
BL^2/RE: 22

*It is essential that our speakers are given time to allow the suspension to soften up. Depending on use, this may take several weeks. While this process is undergoing, it is not recommended to apply full amplification power according to the speakers specs. Once the moving parts have been broken in, the performance of your speaker will increase.


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